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The @MarketPlace Conference is a great way of connecting the community, something that the Small Business Community Network (SBCN) has been doing for the past eight years. We're the bridge that helps small businesses build relationships whilst promoting social responsibility.

We'd like you to be a part of this stunning event. @MarketPlace brings together entrepreneurs, social thinkers, community educators, corporate leaders and visionaries and more all under one roof. This is your chance to connect directly with potential customers and business partners.

The Top Dog - TELUS

We are excited to be co-hosting the @MarketPlace Conference with TELUS. For over 100 years, TELUS has been a Top Dog in the telecommunications industry and more recently a champion of small business through their TELUS Talks Business platform.

As you'll agree, TELUS are the perfect Top Dog to help us co-host the @MarketPlace Conference!

Cool Cats - $1,000 level

There are plenty of opportunities for cool cats...

Happening Hummingbirds - $500 level

Always creating a buzz, our happening hummingbirds are all about creating strong communities...

The Social Butterfly - $250 level

It's all about the interaction...

Interested? Take a look at our Sponsorship Package and on-line payment option.

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